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Julia Long: Community Engagement Director

I was born and raised in Beverly, and have vast experience in education, project management, and editing. I have a bachelor’s degree from Kalamazoo College concentrating in Human Development & Social Relations, Economics, and Spanish, and a master’s from Boston University in International Public Health. I’m fascinated by the challenge of shifting human behavior, and believe that it begins by changing how people identify with their role surroundings. My passions include elevating environmental stewardship and social justice through one-on-one or one-on-some communication.   

Her free time finds her experimenting with new cooking techniques, watching movies with really good acting, exploring exercise classes at the Y, sipping coffee with old and new friends, and especially engaging in all things outdoors with her husband, Dave, and their two kids Carter (15) and Fiona (12), who were homeschooled through their elementary years.

Isis Patterson: Home Energy Coach

My name is Isis Patterson and I am a transplant from New York City. I moved to Beverly to attend Endicott College and decided to stay on the North Shore after graduation because I fell in love with the shore’s rocky coasts, the sea breeze, and yes even its notoriously dubious weather. In my day job, I work as a Caseworker for the office of Congressman Seth Moulton.

I am passionate about finding sustainable solutions to developing quality affordable housing for all.

I found out about Green Beverly while at my local farmers market. I was excited to learn about the ways that even I as a renter can live more sustainably. I wanted to immediately get involved in helping to reduce the waste in the City of Beverly, and achieve its resiliency goals as a community susceptible to climate change.

Paul McCormick: Home Energy Coach
I have been a resident of Beverly since 1992 and love living and working as a Psychologist here.   My wife and I love Lynch Park, the beaches, stores, available health care, the new schools, Homecoming, the increasing diversity, the new influx of young families, and our new Green Beverly friends.

Doing my part with climate correction started with a Boston Globe article in August, 2021 entitled “A climate fix, slipping out of our grasp.”  This article woke me up about the stalled transition to heat pump systems for our homes. Though I’ve had a heat pump system in my office for 30 years,  we only recently installed one in our home.  Very glad we did, as well as have a full insulation fix.

As a coach, I am happy to share my positive experiences as well as lessons learned.  Happy to help, one home at a time.

Sam Gifford: Coaching Manager & Home Energy Coach

Sam was born in Beverly, grew up all over the North Shore and currently lives in Beverly with his wife (Shelby), son (Ty), and dog (Ozzie). Sam started his undergraduate studies at Assumption College, and holds a Business Degree with a concentration in Accounting, as well as a minor in Mathematics from Salem State University. Shortly after college Sam moved to Denver, Colorado to start his career with Deloitte & Touche, and later worked for both public and private companies in Boston, MA as a financial controller. Since returning to the North Shore, Sam has switched careers to be involved in numerous local small businesses; he owns a local CrossFit gym, CrossFit Variance, works as a licensed Real Estate Agent with Churchill Properties, and manages Green Beverly’s Coaching Program. As a designated GREEN Realtor, Sam helps his clients make environmentally conscious decisions when it comes to certain home maintenance and renovation projects, helping reduce their home’s carbon footprint, creating monetary savings on their monthly utility bills, and adding to their home’s value. Sam enjoys spending time with friends and family, a cold pint at a local brewery, and anything related to health and fitness.

Wayne Miller: Solar Coach

Wayne is a lifelong resident of Beverly, and enjoys explaining just exactly why this is the best place to live in all of the USA!

Captain Miller retired in 2019 from a 35 year career flying for a major airline, and immediately embarked on his next mission – helping his native city lead the way in environmental awareness and sustainability.  As co-founder of Green Beverly, he devotes his time to advocating for action directly impacting “green” initiatives in the city and beyond.

Wayne has been involved in solar photo voltaics for a number of years and has worked with solar companies on many installations. He has taken the time to understand the financials of solar as well as the concerns and reservations that homeowners experience when considering going solar. He tells Green Beverly, “I want people to understand that rooftop solar can be a great choice, but it’s not for everyone! I can help make the evaluation of whether solar will be right for your home, or whether you’re being led astray by sales people that might not have your best interests in mind.”

Wayne would like you to know that he’s very available to talk solar or to visit your home for an initial site visit.  He hopes that together you can make a realistic assessment of wether solar renewable energy is a good idea for you, or whether  there are better options for your situation.  “I’ll help you make the right choice, without bias,” says our solar coach. “I don’t have a dog  in the race!”

Wayne also coaches people new to indoor growing.  He operates a Microgreens business and has done a fair amount of research into “Controlled Environment Agriculture”.  If you are interested in growing some of your own food and herbs year round, talk to Wayne!

Garrett Hodgson: Home Auditor

Originally from Virginia, Garrett has worked doing home energy efficiency assessments for the Mass Save Program for the past 5 years on the North Shore. Currently employed as the lead energy specialist for Green Energy Gains in Danvers, MA.