Shall We Dance?

The Cabot has multiple seating plans and different policies related to dancing, depending on the show.  

At SEATED CONCERTS all seats are reserved and dancing is not allowed in any aisles or in any area where it obstructs the view of seated patrons.  If you hope to be able to dance at a seated concert, we recommend you purchase seats in the last few rows of section(s) ORCHESTRA LEFT or ORCHESTRA RIGHT, in the second row of tables on the Orchestra Platform (Tables D-F) or in the back of the balcony.  Please feel free to call or come into the Cabot during box office hours. We can help you select seats where you won’t bother other patrons if you wish to dance.  

For shows designated as DANCE SHOWS, dancing is allowed in all seats throughout the venue but not in aisles due to Fire Safety Regulations.  

For some DANCE SHOWS, the downstairs is sold as general admission and the balcony seats are reserved.  

For some DANCE SHOWS, the Viewing Platform is open to downstairs ticket holders on a first-come first-serve basis for dancing. 

For some DANCE SHOWS, Table seating is available for purchase on the Platform.  

Please check the Please Note section when purchasing tickets on Ticketmaster for information regarding which seating plan is in use for the event you wish to purchase.  And please feel free to call the Cabot during box office hours with any questions