Shall We Dance?

The Cabot presents many concerts that will make you want to get up and dance!  We strive to provide a space where all fans can enjoy live music the way they want to but there are a few rules we need to follow to keep us safe and help us co-exist.  

We also have specific Dance Shows with a Mixed-Use Seating Plan. You can learn more about those here.


RULE # 1:  There is no dancing in any of the theater aisles at any performances as these areas must be kept clear by security due to fire safety regulations.

RULE #2:  At a seated concert, you may dance in your seat as long as you do not obstruct the view of others who wish to remain seated.  This one can be tricky! See below for tips on where to purchase seats that will give you the best chance of dancing without obstructing the view of others.  If you are standing or dancing and someone behind you complains, we will try to find seats for you in another area if space allows.  At a seated concert, the seated patrons’ rights supersede the dancers’ right to dance.  Please be respectful of your fellow patrons! We hope you can work it out amongst yourselves and enjoy the show! 

RULE #3:  At a show that has been designated as a DANCE SHOW, be prepared to participate (or at least put up with) people standing and dancing in their seats.  These shows will be labeled DANCE SHOWS on the Cabot website so you will know when you purchase that THERE WILL BE DANCING.  


If you hope to be able to dance at a seated concert, we recommend you purchase seats in the last few rows of ORCHESTRA LEFT (Rows T & U) or ORCHESTRA RIGHT (Rows R & S), in the second row of tables on the Orchestra Platform (Tables D-F) or in the back of the balcony.  Please feel free to call or come into the Cabot during box office hours. We can help you select seats where you won’t bother seated other patrons if you wish to dance.  

Questions?  E-mail us at [email protected]