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A leader in greening live events

Live events can create large quantities of waste—from thousands of plastic cups and water bottles, to pallets of cardboard and hours of inefficient energy use. In 2019, The Cabot took the pledge to conserve resources and reduce the ecological footprint of the Cabot on the earth and in the community we serve. 

Here’s how we’re making good on that pledge.

2019 goals accomplished: 

✔️ Eliminated plastic cups, lids, and straws

✔️ Switched to compostable cups and popcorn bags

✔️ Fixed leaky faucets

✔️ Eliminated toxic cleaning products 

✔️ Switched to LED lighting

At the end of 2021 we took the pledge to eliminate single use plastic water bottles and raised $14,000 through our Giving Tuesday campaign to help us achieve that goal.  

By June of 2023… 

✔️ We completed the process of eliminating plastic water bottles—we now serve all of our beverages in compostable cups (filtered water is available for sale at all bars and concession counters).  

✔️ All Cabot cups, lids, straws, napkins, and popcorn bags are fully compostable. These are sorted with popcorn and food scraps, then picked up weekly by Black Earth Compost.

You can help when you visit by emptying liquids into the buckets provided and disposing of compostable items in marked containers.

By working together we can make big changes.