Celebrating 100 Years of The Cabot

You won’t want to miss this special evening.

Celebrating 100 Years of The Cabot
Thursday, December 3, 2020

Our world has changed. Because you, our artists, and our staff remain our top priority, The Cabot has re-imagined its centennial celebration so that it will be the high-quality, energetic, and fun experience that you have come to expect from us – brought to you in the comfort of your own home!

How It Works

The Lights. Camera. Cabot 100 Celebration is a live streamed event that is FREE so that everyone in our community can celebrate with us. We have recently made a significant investment in technology in anticipation of this exciting night. All you have to do is sign up!

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About The Lights. Camera. Cabot 100 Celebration

Honoring Our Past, Looking To Our Future
To pay tribute to our 100th year, we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize the 5 amazing people who brought The Cabot back to life in 2014 after being closed for several years. Our founders: Henry Bertolon, Bill Howard, Rich Marino, Thad Siemasko, and Paul Van Ness will be celebrated in style!

Join us as we show some love to these community leaders and friends. Imagine what downtown Beverly would be like if they didn’t save a part of our shared history.

It Wouldn’t Be a Cabot Party Without Music!

The Lights. Camera. Cabot 100 Celebration will feature a mix of nationally known musicians, some performing on The Cabot stage to ring in our 100th year! We have developed an exciting program where each entertainer will perform 1-2 songs, from a variety of genres, that will celebrate the diversity in the arts that The Cabot provides to our community.

Here’s who’ll be joining us…

  • James Taylor
  • Martin Sexton
  • Grace Potter
  • Rodriguez
  • John Hiatt
  • Raul Malo
  • Chris Thile
  • Fantastic Negrito
  • Hot Tuna
  • Jon Butcher
  • Paula Cole
  • Rosanne Cash

Stay tuned for more announcements on the exciting lineup of amazing musicians, and cameos by local and national celebrities, to be announced!

Be One of the First to See the Renovated Cabot Lobby

We will start the show by unveiling the new Cabot Lobby which, over the past few months, has been lovingly renovated to bring back its 1920s grandeur! Prepare to be dazzled!

How You Can Help Us Celebrate!

  • Raise a Glass to Our Founders! Get ready to toast The Cabot’s founders at The Cabot 100 Celebration! Order a specialty cocktail kit to be delivered to your home. Each cocktail kit (which includes one mocktail offering) has been named after one of our founders and comes with all the ingredients to create a delicious drink, cool glassware included! ORDER YOUR COCKTAIL KITS HERE.
  • Become a Sponsor and receive great benefits!
  • Donate! Support The Cabot as we reopen! Here’s to another 100 years!
  • Name a Balcony Seat: Be a part of The Cabot’s legacy! Have your name, your company’s name, or a loved one’s name inscribed on a balcony seat nameplate.

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Raise a Glass to Our Founders

Cabot 100 Cocktail Kits, designed by Paula Marrero of Unwrapped Gifting.

You can order your cocktail kits (or Cabot 100 chocolate boxes) online and pick them up at The Cabot on:

  • Friday, 11/27 between 12:00PM – 3:00PM
  • Saturday, 11/28 between 10:00AM – 1:00PM


Marino Mule
The Marino Mule, served in a bold copper mug, adds some cranberry flair to the classic Moscow Mule and is named after Cabot founder, Rich Marino. As we head into winter, the Marino Mule is sure to give you a little clarity during these crazy times. Super chill, like Rich himself, this drink hits all the right notes: you can add vodka for the bitter bite, ginger beer (or ginger ale) for a sweet snap, and lime to round out the ensemble. 

Raise your mug to Rich and The Cabot founders as we toast them on December 3, 2020!

W&P Moscow Mule organic syrup
Fresh Cranberries
Fresh Limes
Recipe Card
(2) Cabot 100 Copper Mugs
Suggested Spirit: Dark Rum or Vodka (not included)

Hurricane Henry
The Hurricane is not a cocktail for the faint of heart and has been packing a punch since the 1940s when it was invented. Think high-energy, high-octane blackberry pom fruit bomb and you can see why we named this drink after founder, Henry Bertolon. The Hurricane Henry packs a punch – in the best way possible!

Raise a glass to Henry and The Cabot founders as we toast them on December 3, 2020!

Blackberry Pom Organic Syrup
Fresh Lemon
Recipe Card
(2) Cabot 100 Glasses
Suggested Spirit: Wine and/or Dark Rum (not included)

Howard Wallbanger
The Howard Wallbanger is our take on the Harvey Wallbanger, a cocktail that was a hit in the 1970s, much like our esteemed founder, Bill Howard. With a hint of vanilla bean, this buttoned-down classic drink offers a sweet surprise. Relive the golden days of disco – though Bill promises he never wore a white disco suit!

Raise a glass to Bill and The Cabot founders as we toast them on December 3, 2020!

Orange Peel and Bitters Syrup
Orange Juice
Fresh Vanilla Bean
Recipe Card
(2) Cabot 100 Glasses
Suggested Spirit: Vodka (not included)

Pink Thadillac Spicy Margarita
Cadillacs are known for their smooth as silk ride quality and a pink Cadillac is just plain fun, like founder Thad Siemasko. Our version of a summer classic, the Pink Thadillac Spicy Margarita, will keep you warm as the nights get colder. The spice in this drink can’t hide the sweet undertones and you can’t either, Thad!

Raise a glass to Thad and The Cabot founders as we toast them on December 3, 2020!

W&P Spiced Margarita Syrup
Fresh Lime
Pink Sugar blend
Recipe Card
(2) Cabot 100 Glasses
Suggested Spirit: Tequila (not included)

MayPaul Vanhattan
Smoky maple (MayPaul, get it?) syrup gives this truly classic cocktail, the Manhattan, a New England twist! No matter how you mix up your MayPaul Vanhattan, named for founder Paul Van Ness, you will find that it’s an ideal drink for any occasion. It’s perfect for a Zoom party, a casual night with friends, or if you want to curl up indoors and watch a good film.

Raise a glass to Paul and The Cabot founders as we toast them on December 3, 2020!

Smoked Maple Cocktail Syrup
Sweet Vermouth
Orange Peel
(2) Cabot 100 Glasses
Suggested Spirit: 3 oz Bourbon or Whiskey of your choice (not included)

Cabot 100 Hot Chocolate
Classic doesn’t have to mean boring! Just in time for winter, who doesn’t love a hot mug of warm goodness. Keep it chocolatey and simple or add your favorite liquor or spice to add a kick, and this drink is sure to please and be around for a long time.

Raise your mug to The Cabot founders as we toast them on December 3, 2020. Here’s to another 100 years!

Gourmet chocolate
Crushed peppermint candy canes
Recipe card
(2) Cabot 100 Mugs