The Renovations

The Cabot’s Viewing Platform and Orchestra Seats, installed in 2016. Photo © Lauren Poussard

The work to renovate and revitalize The Cabot is being done in several phases over several years. The theater will be fully restored inside and out, and all systems are being upgraded and modernized.

Renovation Phases ($9,500,000 total budget)

Phase One – ($700,000) Completed January 2016

◆ Secure fire escapes to meet all building codes and ensure safety
◆ Installation of digital cinema projection system
◆ Installation of state-of-the-art theater sound system
◆ Renovation of the marquee
◆ Installation of 350 new seats on the first floor and viewing platform on Orchestra level

Streetside at The Cabot: $260,000 Completed December 2017

Streetside Photo: © Eric Antoniou

We created a funky, comfortable and modern venue at The Cabot that can be a gathering place for sponsors, community events and a space to bring new and diverse programming to the North Shore.

HVAC replacement: $2,140,000 Completed January 2018

Inside The Cabot’s attic. Photo © Bob Stoneham

◆ Upgrade The Cabot infrastructure including a new energy-efficient HVAC system
◆ Reinforcement of the roof
◆ Addition of a state-of-the-art sprinkler system

See more attic work photos here

The Balcony, Balcony Lobby, Sound and Lights: $800,000 Completed January 2019

© Lauren Poussard

◆ Replaced all 484 balcony seats with new and wider, more comfortable seats
◆ Restored the Opera Boxes and reopened them for seating
◆ Upgraded the sound system with state of the art MEYER LINA speakers hung from the ceiling to improve the sound on both the floor and the balcony
◆ Installed and relocated a new stage lighting system to better serve performers and audience members

The Lobby: $760,000 completed May 2021

◆ Returned the lobby to its original grandeur!
◆ Exposed and restored the original rose window
◆ Restored the beautiful vaulted ceilings and the opulent neo-classical chandelier lighting the entrance.
◆ New box office, concession and bar counter

Future Renovations Needed

Facade and Roof Work: $900,000
◆ Restore and enhance the façade of the building including new windows, glass canopies and banners
◆ Roof replacement.

The Lobby and ADA Compliance: $2,340,000
◆ Improve access to backstage and upper floor areas
◆ Install an elevator to the second floor lobby
◆ Modify doorways and hallways
◆ Provide additional second floor restrooms

Artist and Patron Amenities $2,100,000
◆ Modernize the artist and patron experience including the renovation of restrooms
◆ Upgrade the artist Green Rooms and stage access
◆ Add surround sound in the theater


TOTAL Cost of Restoration and Modernization = $10,000,000


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