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  • Mark Jaffe, Board Chair
    Martha Acworth,
    Vice Chair
    John Drislane, Treasurer
    Michael Milsom, Secretary
    Tom Alexander
    Henry Bertolon
    Jon Butcher
    Joseph Carlucci
    Annie B. Coe
    James Dawson
    Alex Devereaux
    Steve Drohosky

    Bill Howard

    Stephen Immerman

    Richard Marino
    David R. Masse
    Robert McInnes
    Kevin O’Connor
    Anna Rossi

    Elizabeth Sadler Loring
    Thaddeus S Siemasko

  • J. Casey Soward, Executive Director
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    Kimberley Ballard, Director of Philanthropy & Community Relations
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    Diane Manahan, Manager of Theater Rentals & Volunteer Recruitment
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    Jill Davidson, Director of Concert & Event Operations
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    Jennifer Gonyea, Director of Development
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    Jackie Indrisano, General Manager, Off Cabot
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    Amy Jaromin, Director of Finance and Administration
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    Tori Dumstorf, Director of Event Marketing
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    Maureen Cotton, Director of Membership
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    The Cabot Production Team
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Steve Dodge (1945-2019)

Steve Dodge, pioneering entrepreneur in telecommunications and real estate development, and Member of The Cabot Board of Directors, passed away January 17, 2019.

As the Chairman of The Cabot’s Board from 2015-2017, and current Co-Chair of The Cabot 100 Capital Campaign, Steve was a driving force in the resurgence of The Cabot as a vibrant arts destination on the North Shore. Under Steve’s leadership, The Cabot expanded their board of directors, built up its management team, and made great strides in raising funds for our renovations. Steve was especially proud that The Cabot had become a major catalyst in the vitality of downtown Beverly.

Despite his colossal successes, Dodge is remembered and revered most for his quiet leadership qualities, specifically his ability to mentor and instill confidence in others.

Throughout his professional endeavors and personal relationships, Steve repeatedly demonstrated the importance of maintaining genuine humility, selfless generosity, and a sense of humor.

Steve’s friends at The Cabot will deeply miss him. We are honored to have known and worked with him and are thankful for his leadership, his intellect, his genuine affection for the arts and for Beverly, his steadfast loyalty to the Board and our staff, and his terrific sense of fun.

Learn more about Steve’s life