How To Watch Cabot 100 Celebration

How Best to View The Cabot 100 Celebration!

You can view The Cabot 100 Celebration on your TV (either with a Smart TV or by connecting your computer to your television), on your computer, or on your phone.  

The event will be streamed live and can be accessed via YouTube, Facebook, or on our homepage at thecabot.org.

Q: Can I watch this event at a later date? 

A: Yes, The Cabot will be showing the event again at a later date. Sign up for our emails so you know when to mark your calendars. www.thecabot.org 

FAQ’s with Jonathan Davis (President of Smart Home Solutions LLC)

Q: What devices can be used to watch The Cabot 100 Celebration event?

A: The event can be viewed on the following devices: Smart Phone, Tablet, Computer, or Smart TV.

Q: How do I watch on a bigger screen than my computer?

A: All computers can plug into a TV. The proper connecting cable will depend on the available outputs on the computer and the available inputs on the TV.  Most devices made in the last ten years will have HDMI ports. Other options might include S Video, USB, VGA, etc. which are supported by adapters if necessary. 

Q: Is there a way to do a test run before Dec 3 to ensure that I will be able to watch The Cabot 100 event?

A: If you are new to using your Smart TV, make sure you are signed into your You Tube app since that will be the easiest way to view The Cabot event on this device. If you are using the link from The Cabot’s website, or Facebook, log in a few minutes before the event to make sure you are all set.

Q: Will my existing Wi-Fi allow me to view this event without buffering or freezing?

A: The most common form of buffering happens when the internet speed is too slow to download the amount of data required for the content to play smoothly. Live Vimeo events are programmed to serve content at the video quality appropriate for the device and bandwidth of the individual audience attendee.

Q: What can I do to improve my unreliable Wi-Fi?

A: Keep in mind that the overall internet user experience in a home varies depending on many factors.  Common factors are Wi-Fi signal strength, other devices using the same connection, time of day, and ISP provided bandwidth.

If you have unreliable Wi-Fi or need help understanding how best to use newer technology, like Vimeo, contact me at Smart Home Solutions by calling 978-969-0496. Our service will start with an assessment of the technology you have in place and what the current wireless user experience is. We then generate a report with recommendations on how to improve your user experience.

Smart Home Solutions is your home automation and technology partner on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  We believe that every homeowner should be able to take advantage of the additional comfort, convenience, and peace of mind that smart home technology can provide. Contact me today to get started at 978-969-0496.