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North Atlantic Ballet Presents Myths & Legends


Saturday, October 8
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October 8th @ 1:00pm:
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October 8th @ 6:00pm:
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The Cabot
286 Cabot Street
Beverly, MA 01915 United States

There will be two performances for this show – One at 1 PM and one at 6 PM.  Doors 12:15 PM and 5:15 PM.

Tales whispered through the mists of time unfold in NAB’s MYTHS & LEGENDS.

Two ballets accompanied by the exquisite scores of Stravinsky & Rimsky- Korsakov.

SCHEHEREZADE’s 1001 Arabian Nights

Tells a tale rich in death and love as an angry Sultan beheads bride after bride on the dawn of their wedding night as revenge against his first wife Zobeide for cheating on him.

To save the women in her village Scheherazade, a promising storyteller, offers herself as his next victim. Relying on her powerful ability to draw eager listeners into her stories, she formulates a plan to never finish her stories for the Sultan before starting another.

The Sultan, so eager to listen to the marvelous stories she tells, spares her life night after night until finally he can resist her no longer and falls in love with Scheherazade.

The Firebird

From the darkest part of the forest a Slavic tale unfolds of an elusive Firebird and an epic battle between good & evil.

The Immortal Kochei has re-awoken to plunge a once peaceful forest into chaos. Kochei’s army of creatures terrorize the forest along with the Princess Tsarevna who has found herself lost in the woods and Prince Ivan who has journeyed into the woods to hunt.

The only ray of hope for the forest is the ethereal Firebird, an immensely beautiful bird that dances about the forest with such speed it appears as if it’s on fire. It is the only creature Kochei fears as it is the only one who knows how to kill the Immortal monster. Upon sparing the Firebird’s life, The Firebird offers a magical feather to the Prince so that he may call upon the Firebird if he were to find himself in grave peril. Taking the feather on his journey home, the Prince comes across a vision of the beautiful Tsarevna who has been captured by the evil Kochei. Vowing to save the Princess, the Prince ventures into Kochei’s realm where he is captured as well.

Pulling out his magical feather he calls the Firebird to their rescue.

A great battle between Kochei’s creatures and the Firebird erupts. Upon the Firebird’s wisdom, Prince Ivan grabs the Golden egg where Kochei’s soul remains and smashes it, killing Kochei and releasing its creatures from their magical spell.