Dance Shows – Mixed-use Seating Plan

At designated Dance Shows with a mixed-use seating plan, dancing in your seats will be allowed in all G/A areas and on the platform.  Dancing in the balcony reserved seating areas will also be allowed as long as it doesn’t obstruct the views of those who wish to remain seated.  

  • General Admission: G/A seating is first-come first-served on the Orchestra level.  
  • Standing Room Only:  There are a limited number of SRO tickets available on the Platform at the back of the Orchestra.  
  • Reserved Seats:  All seats on the Balcony level are Reserved.  If you purchase a reserved seat in the balcony you will not have access to the downstairs G/A seating.  

There is no dancing in the theater aisles or in the back aisle at any performances as these areas must be kept clear by security due to fire safety regulations.

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