Buy a Balcony Seat

Balcony seats from 1920 | Photo: © Rocco Coviello

Love The Cabot? Buy a balcony seat!

Last January we installed beautiful new seats on our orchestra level. Now we are looking up, up, up! We need to replace the nearly 100 year old balcony seating to match the new seating on the orchestra level and give our high rise patrons more comfort!

We need your help!
Donate $500 to purchase a new balcony seat for our historic theater and you can get an inscribed plaque on the seat arm. We are planning this next phase of seat installation for 2018.

Our buy-a-seat campaign was a very popular program for the orchestra seats. This will be the last of our seat campaigns and your chance to add your name to this theater.

Buy a Row of Seats!
Dedicate each seat to a different member of your family, your friends or your employees! Or, put your company name on every seat in a row or section and let the community know that you support the arts on the North Shore.

Questions? Contact Kimberley Ballard at [email protected]