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Martin Sexton

Remember that mix tape your friend made you way back when - the one that's etched in your soul? Martin Sexton's new album Mixtape of the Open Road is that musical cross-country trip, blazing through all territories of style, as you cruise through time and place. This record is a charm bracelet of twelve gems all strung ... More Info

Judy Collins + Ari Hest

The legendary Judy Collins has thrilled audiences worldwide with her unique blend of interpretative folksongs and contemporary themes. Her impressive career has spanned more than 50 years. At 13, Judy Collins made her public debut performing Mozart's Concerto for Two Pianos but it was the music of such artists as Woody Guthrie ... More Info

Adam Ezra Group + Chelsea Berry

"Adam Ezra is one of the most promising songwriters to come along in years . . . with the craftsmanship and insight to become a major voice in American music." -- Ben Tishler, VH1 "Not since Springsteen and Bono have I seen a lead singer with his talent and charisma." -- Jack Casey, General Manager, WERS FM in Boston â€... More Info