Darlene Love Rocks The Cabot | photo © Eric Antoniou

Like Sleeping Beauty, The Cabot was kissed and reawakened in 2014 by a group of Beverly benefactors who dreamed of bringing the beautiful 1920 film and vaudeville palace back to life.

On October 1, 2015, Casey Soward was hired as Executive Director. Then, on December 13, 2015, Soward and the legendary impresario Fred Taylor brought Darlene Love, the grand dame of rhythm & blues who was a subject of the award-winning film “20 Feet From Stardom,” to the theatre. Newly hired Marketing & Communications Director Sue Auclair created and packed a press party, with Darlene attending and looking adorable in a red rain jacket! There was a huge applause when she entered the party, already in full swing. The party preceded the show and was held at Chianti Restaurant, across the street from The Cabot.

Since that day, the legendary theatre has received tremendous coverage from TV to print and radio to web. In six months, The Cabot had made so much noise, that it won “Best Under The Radar Theatre 2016” from

Here are a few quotes with links from the print media:

“Darlene Love Fills The Cabot with Christmas Cheer” wrote The Boston Globe

“LOCAL GEM: Beverly’s Cabot Performing Arts Center thriving once again,” said The Beverly Citizen

“BEST OF THE NEW- 16 new ways to have fun in Boston in 2016: “Abracadabra! The magic is back at Beverly’s Cabot Theatre,” stated The Boston Globe Magazine.

“Just over a year after reopening its historic doors, The Cabot theater has transformed itself, hosting sold-out shows and attracting visitors from all over the region” said The Salem News.

Here are a few linked stories on radio and TV:

Radio Shows:

Television Coverage:

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The Cabot’s press clipping packet is here: Cabot News Clippings



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