The Renovations

RENOVATION PHASES ($5 million total budget)

The work to renovate and revitalize The Cabot will be done in three phases over the next three years. The theater will be fully restored inside and out, and all systems will be upgraded and modernized.

PHASE ONE ($1.5 million) Complete!

◆ Secure fire escapes to meet all building codes & ensure safety
◆ Installation of digital cinema projection system
◆ Installation of state-of-the-art theater sound system
◆ Restoration of the marquee
◆ Installation of 350 new seats on the first floor and viewing platform on Orchestra level

PHASE TWO ($1.8 million) Over 50% raised to date!

◆ Engineering & installation of a modern, high performance HVAC system
◆ New state-of-the-art stage lighting to attract top acts
◆ Renovate Artist Hospitality Area (Green Room)
◆ Renovate first floor storefront into attractive bar/lounge
◆ Installation of 400 new balcony seats
◆ Sound enhancing carpeting throughout theater
◆ New box office concession stand & equipment

PHASE THREE ($1.7 million)

◆ Two new sets of front doors
◆ New glass canopies & banners
◆ Exterior painting
◆ Renovate second floor & connect to theater space
◆ Upgrade fire alarm & sprinkler system
◆ Renovate side balconies for premium seating
◆ Restore lobby & rose window

Here is a cool video starring Kevin O'Connor from This Old House about what's happening:

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